₹3,141INR ₹3,490INR
Crafted with Love
Artisans Made
100% Cotton

My Story

“Corroding away its previous phase;
Natural process of metamorphism,
Unlike breaking the cocoon to forth anew,
Reforged with the ancient quintessence”

What she feels 

Charm and maturity are the nouns that are delivered with only one gaze at this natural agglomeration. The radiant border is an affirmation of the minimalistic setting sun with all its warmth and peace. An ode to her purity and coherence embarks within this saree.

This chanderi silk saree is crafted with Kashish Dabu Handblock printing. Kashish printing is a mineral dying process that involves the use of dye and a resist. The characteristics of this dye are a full range of grey, khaki, brown, and red shades. The use of kashish dye is more prevalent in Bagru (Jaipur). Printers use Harda (naturally occurring tannic acid) as a pre-treatment to achieve lighter shades of brown. Darker shades are acquired by the addition of boiled pomegranate rind solution to dyeing.


It’s a Handprinted Chanderi Silk Saree which is silk by cotton fabric. It’s a 5.5 mtr saree drape with an exclusive 80 cm blouse piece to go with. Recommended separate wash in cold water with mild detergent only or dry-clean & there are chances of color bleeding which is a sign of the genuineness of prints and dying.

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