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Article: Cotton Loungewear-Bring Comfort & Grace To Your Wardrobe

Cotton Loungewear-Bring Comfort & Grace To Your Wardrobe - SootiSyahi

Cotton Loungewear-Bring Comfort & Grace To Your Wardrobe

As much as one loves heels, one loves comfort as well. Yes! Women, don’t we all love to rush back home and get into our comfy and breathable loungewear? We all have that one set that just fixes our mood. 
And, sometimes one tends to choose comfort over style. But, is this the right choice? Presently, we have unlimited choices in the collection of Ladies’ loungewear! Whether you are a working professional, a working from home professional, a Vlogger, a homemaker, or a teenager, you have to just browse the loungewear for women page and the options we offer will surely surprise you. 

Cotton Loungewear

Cotton has a long history with India. We are not only one of the largest producers of cotton in the world but also one of the largest consumers of this wondrous fabric. Cotton is proven to be the most comfortable, breathable, and non-allergic to all skin types.
Imagine having the same comfortable fabric in your wardrobe. Cotton loungewear is the most preferred by many women across India. The pandemic showed us a new world where our homes became our offices. As we adapt to the new normal, so do our choices. 
Now, while we work from home, comfort has become the priority. Imagine working your day out in soothing and flexible cotton loungewear. Girls, don’t we all want that? Cotton offers the best natural comfort we all seek.

Why Is Cotton Loungewear The Best For Ladies?

Cotton is known as a natural fabric. It is not processed or manufactured by blending chemicals. In times when environmentally the whole earth is facing various challenges, switching to cotton is a smart move. In India, cotton Kurtis, sarees, and salwar suits have always been popular among women but loungewear with intricate designs and appealing colors is not easy to find.
The traditional cotton wear has been exalted and refurbished. The humble pastels are now enriched with zing and allure. Now, we women can be in the best ‘It Game’ with the most appealing
loungewear for women. And why should we chuck the satins or silks? Well, it’s not just cotton; it is your second skin. 
You shall have cotton loungewear sets in your closet because it is:
  • Soft 
  • Long-lasting and durable  
  • Absorbs heat the best
  • The best material to put any color
  • Breathable and non-allergic
  • Eco-friendly 

Above all, the block-printed cotton loungewear is the best blend of tradition, comfort, and urbane chic style. 

History of Block Printing in India

The attractive, bright, and convoluted designs and colors of block printing are synonymous with Indian culture. We have been carrying this tradition for over 2000 years now. Block printing in handprint loungewear is a traditional art that many artisans in India have carried, even today. The traditional design is usually drawn on paper and then carved on wood by skilled artisans. We have usually seen this entrancing artwork at Khadi shops, but now you can access it and adorn it regularly in the comfort of your home. 
Block printing is something known, and has been used in India since the 12th century and is known as a method that is 2,000 years old. Hand-block printing originated in China and was introduced in the Bagru district of Rajasthan.

Blend of Urbane & Traditional wear

The girl’s cotton loungewear is a perfect choice for women who are working from home and seek comfort wear while they slog hard to make it big in the professional world. We have combined the style with cotton comfort with our range of attractive and vibrant women’s loungewear sets. The plain cotton comes alive with pulsating hues of block printing. The attire is designed keeping in mind the trending style and ease. It is a luxury offered to you with a traditional pinch. 

Sustainable Wear

Cotton attire is known for its sustainability and that’s how we are transforming the clothing industry. We not only believe in providing the best to a customer but also work diligently towards offering viable options that cater to all your needs. Our cotton loungewear is cut for every woman who seeks comfort, luxury, and fashion. Cotton wear is not just wearable in Summer Season but you can comfortably carry it in winter too underneath your woolens. It will not only add to your layers of clothes but will also protect your skin from the rough wool. 

Look The Best, And Also Feel The Best!

Loungewear is just an excuse to be your crazy self and still look the best. Drop your heels and the uncomfortable attires, choose to be free and feel the best. 
Loungewear gives you 2 things: flexibility and comfort! If comfort is something you desire, loungewear is what you should be wearing!

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