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Our Story

SootiSyahi is a brand that celebrates the craft of the thread and the art of the ink. Our dream is to redefine fashion so that every purchase ensures many smiles. The brand ethos is homegrown and equitable and reflects a strong sense of social responsibility. 

We believe gradually with the most negligible ecological impact and far-reaching progressive influence on the maker.  

The idea that translated into the brand SootiSyahi was directed at bringing together a passion for travel and a commitment to the rich cultural heritage of Indian arts and crafts. Sitting at the Chanderi fort, the founders were inspired to start a brand dedicated to handlooms and handcrafted fashion. Watching the quaint town sprawling entirely around their ancestral handloom craft, they resolved to make it even more significant.

At SootiSyahi, every garment is woven with much gratitude and colored in love. Expertly designed by a professional team and deftly executed by a committed group of artisans, each product is finished to perfection.

Our designs are our unique creations. 

Our artisans are our happy partners (we also play Ludo with them).

Our customers are our grand comrades (we send handwritten love notes). 

A team of craft enthusiasts, textile designers, and social development professionals. Everyone at SootiSyahi comes with a solid connection to the crafts of India. With that thought, we have begun hand block printed sarees from the craft clusters of Rajasthan upon handwoven fabrics. 

India has a rich tradition of handloom weaving. Every hundred kilometers, one can find a new technique or a new set of patterns. This makes every cluster stand out. When brought together with the equally diverse printing and dyeing techniques, the panorama of weaving cultures includes unique crafts like Shibori, Bandhani, Dabu, Kalamkari, Sanganer Blockprint, and many more. Aiming to catalyze a new addition to the craft industry, we together handwoven fabrics and the many hand printing techniques to create a contemporary range of ethnic styles.

SootiSyahi makes a fashion statement that empowers many smiles, spreads joy, and creates better opportunities for artisans. The products are many dreams coming alive with much love and much more artisanal skill, one thread at a time.

We hold dear both the crafts of handloom weaving hand block printing and India's many more ancient textile ornamentation techniques. Here's to making the traditional fashionable once more and much more sustainable fashion.