Knowing and creating craft was never in his plan but it was destined for him. After graduating from IRMA he joined a craft based ecommerce startup where he met Sourav and both travelled to a lot of clusters like Chanderi, Maheshwar, Kaithoon etc. And these journeys to craft clusters for him were less about craft and more about knowing history of those places. This love for history & travel eventually led to inception of the idea of "SootiSyahi".

He with Sourav co-founded Be Desi Designs which is owns label SootiSyahi. He currently manages marketing and strategy of SootiSyahi.


Being in love with travel his whole life, Sourav joined the craft sector in 2014 just after passing from NIFT Hyderabad. Intrigued with process and craft of India from all geographies, he travelled religiously from Sualkuchi (in East famous for Moonga Silk) to Barmer (in West famous for its applique work) & Srinagar (in North famous for Pashmina Wool) to Mulkarmuru (in South famous for its silk sarees) in between covering all clusters like Chanderi, Maheshwar, Bhagalpur, Koraput, Malkangiri, Varanasi, Jobat, Bagh, Kaithoon, Bagru, Sanganer, Yeola, Bargarh and so many that all cant be put here. While travelling in these clusters he mastered himself in their craft.

In 2019 he founded SootiSyahi with a team of artisans gathered from different clusters. He is currently managing design, production and operations for SootiSyahi single handedly.

Ajay Sharma

Ajay also known as Ajju among artisans in Sanganer is third generation printer of his family. Even when children of artisans were trying to get into different professions he used to love assist his father and gained mastery in handblock printing, which helped him to become master in discharge printing. He joined SootiSyahi as an Artisan partner who is handling all handblock printing work from Sanganer and specially in creation of your favorite Sanganeri prints.

Mohsin Khan

Mohsin Khan a third generation weaver from Chanderi a historic town famous for its history and 'Stree'. Chanderi, famous for its cotton silk sarees and fabric is a town, where weaving is as old as town. Mohsin Khan is also an artisan partner in SootiSyahi who takes care of fabric weaving, on which all your favorite handprints are created.


Vishal comes from a town Bagru, where blockprinting has become part of DNA. Bagru is town in Jaipur famous for its indigo dabu and natural dye blockprints. Vishal is also third generation printer like Ajay who because of his love for his family heritage started to learn nitty-gritties of indigo dabu blockprinting since his childhood. Showing his Indigo dyed hands, he always jokes that its been a decade when he had seen his clean hands. He also joined SootiSyahi as an artisan partner who take cares of creation of all dabu indigo, kashish and bagru blockprints