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Article: Holi 2022: Best Hand Block Print Cotton Apparels to Rock Your Holi This Year

Holi 2022: Best Hand Block Print Cotton Apparels to Rock Your Holi This Year - SootiSyahi

Holi 2022: Best Hand Block Print Cotton Apparels to Rock Your Holi This Year

We can't seem to stay calm as Holi approaches! 

Holi is India's second most popular celebration after Diwali. It is a colorful and joyful festival that many people enjoy. Holi is thought to mark the end of winter and the beginning of spring. This festival is the triumph of good over evil. According to one of the most popular Holi tales, Holika, Hiranakashyap's sister, was killed by Prahlad because of her evil intentions. On the occasion of Phalgun Purnima, which falls in March, it is commemorated.

Returning to the main event, Holi is all about letting go of inhibitions and plunging headfirst into a riot of colors, water guns, Bhaang, Gujiyas, and music. It's about sharing your love with your fraternity without getting rowdy as other individuals do.

Holi Preparations 

Due to the thrilling nature of the celebration, many begin preparing for Holi months in advance. Special food and music arrangements, stocks of water guns and balloons, made-to-order mithais, flowers, colors, and travel arrangements, if you're planning a special Holi celebration.

If you've ever participated in a Holi celebration, you're undoubtedly well aware that there are no rules. If you venture outside, you will be soaked in a color that will not leave your skin for hours, there will be balloons and water guns thrown at you from all sides, and your skin and hair will change to a different color of green or pink for a while. Although much of the damage is unavoidable, mitigate it more by taking simple skin and hair care precautions before entering the battlefield.

Here are a few pointers from the pros:

  • Apply a generous amount of oil (coconut or almond) to your hair and body before you begin playing. It will be easier to get rid of the color.
  • Keep your valuables and phone in a plastic bag; imagine the damage your phone or money could suffer if it dropped into a pool of colored water.
  • Use only natural colors and flowers to protect your skin.
  • Both inside and out, dress in vintage clothes. The vast bulk of clothing is only fit for discarding after Holi.
  • Cover yourself and wear cotton whenever possible to avoid allergies and rashes produced by the strange chemical colors, synthetic clothing, and water.
  • Because there will be water, wear clothing that will not seep through when wet to avoid embarrassment.

5 Amazing Holi Destinations in India

Our cultural legacy is our pride, and HOLI, as a significant event, has specific significance in many sections of the country. If you're a roaming spirit looking for a different and distinctive Holi experience, here are some of the most fantastic Holi Destinations in India worth visiting for a fascinating and unforgettable experience:

  • Goa
  • Vrindavan
  • Mathura
  • Jaipur
  • Udaipur
  • Barsana
  • Shantiniketan
  • Anandpur Sahib

Now that you're all set for Holi, here are some outfit suggestions to help you look your best.

White Saree

Even on Holi, the white hand block print mul mul cotton saree has become synonymous with sensuality because of Yashraj films. Dance to the sounds of Rang Barse in this sheer, sultry white saree with a colorful blouse and border pom poms that look like flowers. Oh-So-Perfect for Holi!

Traditional All White Suit

On Holi, Bollywood has taught us to keep it spotless white since it perfectly captures the festival's colors. Adding a dark, contrasting hand block print dupatta to an all-white suit, on the other hand, can make all the difference in terms of elegance! 

Dresses With Prints

Dresses (hand block print) are a delicate and feminine alternative perfect for individuals who don't want to go all out for Holi. Make the ideal style statement by wearing rusted silver jewelry.

Hand block print by SootiSyahi

On Holi, nothing surpasses a floral ensemble. Choose a hand block print cotton slub saree with a matching blouse or a fancy saree with a matching blouse. If white isn't your style, opt for lighter tones like creams, beiges, peaches, and other pastels. This Holi, a complementing, flowing fancy dupatta, is sure to turn heads. If you want to spice things up even further, wear floral jewelry!

You could also try a matching floral palazzo and hand block print Kurti set to add some interest!

Grab your hand block print clothing from SootiSyahi. Get the best fabric with authentic prints at unbeatable prices.

White Skirts

For a striking style, pair a white skirt with a black blouse. It keeps your modesty while providing you with one of the most elegant Holi looks ever. Opt for a heavier variation of this style and go ethnic boho for the after-party, when things have calmed down, and all you want to do is eat, dance, drink, and be cheerful!

Sweet, Short and Spicy Look

If Deepika Padukone's Balam pichkari is your style, try our blooming spring collection hand block print dresses and crop tops hand block printed, wear it with pajamas, denim, shorts, or pants. It's a simple look that's also the most practical for Holi.

Afterlook Party

If you're going to one of those high-end farmhouses or hotel holi parties, make sure you're dressed to impress in some elegant white or pastel hues. This holi, straight hand block print Kurti, and even crop tops are all the trend, and these options will make you look like a party popper.

Because these are generally daytime events, we recommend skipping the suits and instead opting for stylish hand block print maheshwari silk saree or chanderi silk sarees that allow for effortless movement and fun while you mingle!

Let us know your unique Holi celebration ideas now that we've provided you all the tips on how to enjoy the BEST HOLI EVER!

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