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Article: Flaunting Kalamkari Block Print Sarees

Flaunting Kalamkari Block Print Sarees - SootiSyahi

Flaunting Kalamkari Block Print Sarees

Kalamkari is a popular block-printed fabric that is often made of cotton. The style is one of two kalamkari art forms in India in which pens are used to fill colors in patterns or construct different silhouettes manually. In the clothing, this style frequently depicts temples and religious art. The Machilipatnum style, which originated in Andhra Pradesh and flourished during Mughal control, is the other style. Nature-inspired designs or motifs are depicted in this block print style.

Drapes in Kalamkari Block Print Sarees

Kalamkari block printing technique/method is used to create kalamkari block print sarees in either of the two styles. The sheen of these kalamkari block print sarees is achieved by soaking the cloth in cow milk and myrobalans. This is what gives the kalamkari fabric its individuality.

Multicolor Kalamkari Hand Block Print Saree

Other designs at SootiSyahi are typically made by dipping a bamboo stick in various dyes and inks to create a pen-like device for the craftsman to use over the fabric. Kalamkari block print sarees and other Indian traditional wear are made using the same technique. The minute details employed in print make Kalamkari block print sarees stand out. This print can be used on silk as well as cotton.

The kalamkari design is perfect on silk fabric since it adds luxury to the garment and prints. These are also known as kalamkari painting designs since they are frequently used to depict temples and gods in paintings.

Style Suggestions For Kalamkari Block Print Sarees

When designing kalamkari block print sarees, the designs used on the body of the saree must be examined since the shoes, accessories, and cosmetics chosen must match and improve the overall look and theme of the print. This is done for aesthetic purposes.

As a result, it's critical to ensure that everything seems polished and put together and that you have a lovely attire and appearance.

When wearing a kalamkari block print sarees, high-heeled shoes or sandals are recommended since they complement the saree's fall and grace while making ladies appear more elegant and graceful. 

Younger women like to wear their kalamkari block print sarees with platform shoes, while elderly women prefer to wear normal high-heeled sandals that are both comfortable and stylish. Both styles are attractive.

Because kalamkari is primarily a south Indian style, it's important to remember that visual aspects associated with this region of the country might work well with this garment. Gold jewelry sets look fantastic and truly bring out the inherent glitter of the outfit.

So, here are some stylish ways to wear Kalamkari block print sarees. When you wear such a saree, you will undoubtedly receive numerous compliments. So, if you want to seem unusual, attractive, and stylish, pick a Kalamkari hand block sarees at You can also buy Kalamkari hand block print dupatta under a budget-friendly range.

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