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Article: Are you a Chanderi Silk Sarees Fan Like Me?

Are you a Chanderi Silk Sarees Fan Like Me? - SootiSyahi

Are you a Chanderi Silk Sarees Fan Like Me?

If you like sarees, chances are you have a few Chanderi silk saree in your closet (personally, I do have a wide range of Chanderi Silk Saree). These exquisite, stylish hand-woven sarees from Madhya Pradesh are trendy among upper-class and lower-class ladies (because they are authentic and reasonable for all). 

Do you know what makes me fall in love with these Chanderi sarees? 

Well, they are enticing because of their lightweight, glossy texture and rich, sophisticated feel. There are a lot of varieties available in chanderi fabric, including scarves, kurtis, lehengas, and suits. Still, Chanderi silk saree has made a reputation for themselves worldwide (because Indian tradition can never go out of style).


What Chanderi actually is?

Colors, shine, and designs are what give a traditional Chanderi its timeless charm. 

Want to know the history behind this beautiful fabric?

I'm sure most must be aware that Chanderi fabric got its name from the hamlet of Chanderi in Madhya Pradesh. The beautiful city is the place where the weavers' colony of this beautiful original and authentic fabric is located. The artisans with more than years of experience make every chanderi fabric ready completely by hand-weaving finely textured cotton rich, lustrous silk threads, which give the fabric its signature sheen. 

Originally or traditionally, this fabric is frequently adorned with zardozi work. But lately, even more, opulent embellishments such as beads, stones, and other materials are available in the market.

Let's Take a Look Back in the History of Chanderi Saree

Chanderi, a hamlet in Madhya Pradesh, has long been noted for weaving world-class Chanderi for centuries. The artisans create the top Chanderi with handspun cotton warps and wefts. With the arrival of mill-made yarn in the 1890s, the fabric began to develop. 

But do you know who actually founded Chanderi?

Lord Krishna's cousin Shishupal during the Vedic period, founded Chanderi. So, practically he is the first initiator of Chanderi fabric.

 The royal family of Scindia patronized Chanderi sarees in 1910, and they have remained the royal family's preferred saree ever since. To make Chanderi a worldwide sensation, weavers in Madhya Pradesh found Japanese silk in the 1930s and began using it instead of cotton warps. Chanderi Silk was born as a result of this.

Availabilities of Chanderi in the Market

There are three main types of Chanderi sarees in India: silk and cotton silk. I'm pretty sure you all must be aware of the types.

Cotton and silk were traditionally woven together in a complex and elaborate weaving method to create a light, attractive fabric that blended the best of both raw materials. But in the modern age, women prefer wearing a Chanderi saree made of silk. 

The Chanderi fabric has been carried down for centuries and has maintained its ageless beauty. Sarees made of pure Chanderi silk are noted for their lustrous shine and elegant design. And this is what makes me crazy for Chanderi silk sarees.

Amazing FACT: Chanderi silk saree is also known as WOVEN AIR due to their gauzy, sheer appearance and transparency, 

Looking Forward to the Styling Tips of Your Chanderi Silk Saree?

Do you know the designs on chanderi have changed a lot over the years? Nowadays, there are a lot of hand-block printed designs available in the market. In fact, you can get your own design hand-block printed at your own convenience.  

Earlier, it was limited to florals, peacocks, animals, and coins, but it was still a lot of fun. 

A zig-zag Chanderi silk saree, the epitome of modern style in traditional attire.

The current chanderi saree can be seen embossed with geometric and creative motifs in addition to florals, foliage, peacocks, and antique currency patterns.

Although Chanderi silk sarees are known for their pastel colors, modern times have necessitated the addition of darker hues like turquoise, fuchsia, navy blue, white, red, and black to its color palette. 

Here are a few Gorgeous Chanderi Silk Sarees Available to Buy Online at “SOOTISYAHI”:


A traditional heavy Chanderi silk saree has no equal in terms of aesthetics. When you wear this turquoise number to a wedding, get ready for the countless compliments on your elegance.

Black Magic

A black Chanderi silk saree, despite not being the usual color for Chanderi sarees, instantly turns up the heat. Because who doesn’t love Black color? It's perfect for a wedding or a formal company party. For cherry on top, add some gold jewelry to your elegant look, and who knows, the next promotion could be yours!

Keep it Young!

Are you a desi girl who wants to show off her curves even when dressed traditionally? I mean there is nothing wrong with showing off some of your curves. Well, if you dress yourself up with a lovely pink chanderi saree that is a perfect blend of beauty and tradition. Trust me you are going to be the star of the show, without any doubt. 

You must be wondering why and how? Well, to ease down your over-thinking; I'd add that a lovely pink chanderi silk saree is light and airy, perfect for pleating, belting, and sizzling! 

To leave the only impression of your look, stick to a belt, a pair of striking hoops, and a trendy bracelet. 

Festive Fever

With so many festivals going on in our country, a Chanderi saree is the perfect way to dress things up. Recently, on Holi, what was your festive attire? Well, a white or a black hand-block printed saree would have been the perfect look for the day.

Make the most of such momentous events by wearing pure white/black Chanderi silk saree with amazing jewelry.

Breezy Edit

This is the most current spin on the classic Chanderi saree if you adore Chanderi sarees in your everyday wear. Wear stunning and vibrant colors of chanderi saree with a contrasting blouse for a day out, a shopping trip, or perhaps a lunch date. It's the ideal look for some ME TIME!

Red Hot

For weddings, pujas, or any ceremonial occasion, a red Chanderi silk saree is unmistakable. Recently, I went to my cousin’s wedding in one of my favorite’s Chanderi silk saree and everyone was like “Where did you get this amazing saree from?”

My chanderi silk saree made a statement without any doubt, mainly because of its large and bold prints. 

Style Chanderi silk saree along with strong red lips and a bindi, this crimson saree is designed to exude confidence and grace for your next event.

Bling it on!

Chanderi Silk sarees are ideal wedding attire since they appear to be hefty but are as light as a feather when you celebrate the wedding rites all night. You're ready to be the sophisticated saree-clad queen with a pair of golden heels, immaculate hair, and some statement jewelry.

Summing Up!

I’m pretty sure you've gone head over heels in love with Chanderi Silk sarees by this point. If not, then go ahead and browse a few of the hot selling Chanderi Silk Sarees at SOOTISYAHI. I’m sure you will satisfy your buying desires because of the vast selection of timeless Chanderi Sarees just waiting to be discovered!

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