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Article: Splash of Colors With These Beautiful Hand Block Printed Bedsheets Online by SootiSyahi

Splash of Colors With These Beautiful Hand Block Printed Bedsheets Online by SootiSyahi - SootiSyahi

Splash of Colors With These Beautiful Hand Block Printed Bedsheets Online by SootiSyahi

Bedsheets with pillow covers are lovely, and they serve to decorate and emphasize the attractiveness of the bedroom, especially when the colors and patterns coordinate. Your bedroom will also stand out thanks to the old skill of block printing on cotton bedsheets online available at SootiSyahi. These block-printed bedsheets with pillow covers at SootiSyahi transport around the country highlight India's traditional culture. However, the procedure is highly time-consuming and requires outstanding eye-hand coordination.

Although, block-printed bedsheets with pillow covers are widely available, well-respected, and widely utilized by various groups and ethnicities worldwide. These bedsheets and pillow covers, when appropriately displayed, have the potential to turn your room into a piece of heaven on Earth. But, people rarely contemplate these bedsheets' aesthetic and artistic value and instead use them carelessly. 

Cotton Quality at SootiSyahi

India has established itself as one of the world's leading cotton producers. Cotton is undoubtedly one of the most flexible and simple-to-work-with fabrics, so our artisans create the best product (bedsheets with pillow covers) out of their art. Here at SootiSyahi, bedsheets with pillow covers are made from various fabrics, ranging from coarser varieties to fabrics noted for their unparalleled inherent smoothness and tenacity. Most bedsheets online sold at SootiSyahi that are embellished with these magnificent block printed motifs are made from high-quality cotton fabrics. 

The reason why we prefer cotton fabric over anything?

This property not only helps in the adhesion of paint to the cloth, but it is also beneficial to human health.

Cotton's insulating capabilities will keep us safe and our body temperature at a comfortable level regardless of the temperature or climate. Aside from that, cotton's outstanding smoothness might help lessen the risk of body rashes and other skin issues. So, that is why SootiSyahi prefers a comfortable and luxurious lifestyle over anything else.

Color Quality

Cotton twin bed sheets serve as a blank canvas for these colossal patterns that take your breath away. The divine beauty of this trade is undeniable, but the fineness and components of the color may play a vital role in the twenty-first century. The correct color palette can help bring out the actual spirit of block printing. Almost all types of artistic expressions are subject to laws prohibiting the use of hazardous, chemically treated colors.

Our artisans use paints that have been treated with natural oils. These natural oils combine well with the naturally spun cotton, resulting in a lovely fabric giving you that fantastic feel. This feature makes our product, i.e., bedsheets with pillow cover totally eco-friendly, ensuring that it has no negative impact on the environment.

Design Authenticity and Uniqueness

Block printed bedsheets online at SootiSyahi are mostly noted for their vivid designs. The accuracy displayed in the alignment and arrangement of these distinctive patterns we curate at SootiSyahi can blow anyone's mind. Our well-trained block printing professionals make precisely diverse areas of their design on a bedsheet, almost as if it were a canvas for a painting. You, as our customer, can have in-depth conversations with the artists, detailing your preferences and desires; the end result is tailored as per your preferences. Whatever you are, you will undoubtedly find a unique design for you and your space.

Process of Printing

Most block printing projects by our artisans are done by hand, requiring uncanny precision in synchronizing the use of the eye and hands. The entire process necessitates the artist's undivided devotion and attention without any compromise to be successful. However, to fully comprehend the artisan's physical and mental struggles, we first go deeper into the realm of block printing and understand its elements.

Block Carving

Our artist first carves your desired design on a block before commencing the process of printing on top of a bedsheet; block carvers in India originate from the renowned Chhipa Community in Rajasthan. This community has been dedicated to perfecting this craft for hundreds of years. That's the reason why our artists drill and carve a distinctive pattern on top of a wooden block with the help of their trusty old hammer and chisel to bring the best outcome.

Once cutting is done, the blocks are immersed in a pool of mustard oil. Then left to rest for about a week. When the oil is taken from the hardwood block, it hardens into a rock-solid block that can last for decades if properly used.


With the help of a 'sieve,' our artist then paints a thick layer of natural dye on top of the now-ready wooden block. Artisans at SootiSyahi usually press the woodblock on a palette of colors before carefully pressing it on top of the cotton bed sheet.

Preservation of Fabric

Before applying paint to the surface of a cotton bed sheet, we wash the fabric well because, in this process, any amount of starch could be detrimental. These bedsheets are then positioned precisely on top of a solid printing table to begin the final operation following the washing procedure.

Printing Process

Patters are next placed on top of the bedsheet with correct coordination between the hands and eyes of our artisans. To prevent spilling, wooden blocks are pressed precisely. Then on the area where the pattern must be set and raised out of the way. The dipping and pressing operation is repeated until the entire fabric is covered in the ideal layer of paint.

Reasonable Pricing

There's no need to be concerned if such exquisite works of art are on the more pricey side of the range. These bedsheets with pillow covers are widely accessible and supplied at reasonable costs at our official website It is usually affordable to the general people.

Summing Up!

The elegance of our block-printed bedsheets with pillow covers is undeniable. Once purchased, these bedsheets have the potential to substantially improve the aesthetics of your bedroom, causing you and your guests to be drawn in by its pure beauty. 


Such works of art are a rare delight for the eyes and should be valued and conserved accordingly. To bring forth the true spirit of these works of art, we at SootiSyahi understand how to arrange the offered bedsheets online in your space while maintaining their integrity.

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