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Article: Printed Mulmul Cotton Sarees | Summer Elegance at its Finest

Printed Mulmul Cotton Sarees | Summer Elegance at its Finest - SootiSyahi

Printed Mulmul Cotton Sarees | Summer Elegance at its Finest

We are all aware that India experiences only the summer season for most of the year, unlike the rest of the world. We are fortunate that we do not have to experience the cold season, but it is too bad that we do not get to see snow.

Depending on how much time we spend outside, our clothing choices can be crucial. Women have a broader range of clothing options than men, and their fashion choices vary.

Women regarded sarees, the oldest form of clothing, as the ultimate source of comfort and dignity. All women used to wear printed mulmul cotton sarees during the summer days, and they still do. It not only makes you feel comfortable, but its delicateness and ability to absorb sweat while making you feel beautiful the entire time is why everyone prefers it.

This blog will look at the mulmul fabric, which was the first type of fabric used to make printed cotton sarees. These mulmul cotton sarees are worth the money because they have the appearance of a royal highness and are well-known among weavers and sellers. Mulmul cotton sarees are not just for the summers, in fact, they are designed to be cost-effective too.

Let's look at how and why they're so unique.

Mulmul Cotton Sarees - History

Mulmul, also known as the Muslin fabric, is used and appreciated worldwide. Mulmul has been mentioned in history multiple times. People worldwide use this fabric for multiple reasons. The mulmul material is thought to have been discovered primarily by Europeans after they came across a reference to it in Marco Polo's old writings.

But this fabric is the greatest treasure of Bangladesh and is woven in Dhaka (state of Bangladesh), before independence. 

However, because the Indian weavers have always been the true artists to create this original cotton fabric, the Britishers found it difficult to duplicate their efforts. So they put their mulmul cotton-weaving process on hold.

But, we can see often that this ancient art form of dyes and fabric is appreciated worldwide, especially by the Bollywood stars. Most of them prefer wearing clothing made out of this mulmul cotton fabric designed by their designers. Printed mulmul cotton sarees made from it are mainly in demand.

Bollywood has curated many beautiful songs in the name of this fabric’s beauty. It had the same elegance and demand back then. 

Even today the mulmul cotton sarees are so in love with the women because of their comfort and classy look.

Mulmul Cotton Sarees Are Just For Sunny Days?

Cotton sarees are famous for their self-respect and pride they provide for every Indian woman, as previously stated. So wearing these beautiful, delicate mulmul cotton sarees made of the finest muslin cloth feels right. They are also available in various colors and prints that are suitable for both casual and formal occasions.

To get the most of the variety, visit and give a look at the collection of our best mulmul cotton saree designs curated by our artisans just for you with love.

What's more, what's required to stay sane and perform at your best on hot days? The mulmul cotton sarees from SootiSyahi are ideal for your daily wear or when you feel fortunate to have chosen a nice outfit for the day.

What is Mulmul Cotton Sarees, What is the Kind?

Unlike traditional cotton sarees, this garment does not shrink after each wash. According to those who wear them frequently, Mulmul cotton sarees get softer and more durable with each hand wash.

The mulmul cotton sarees from SootiSyahi are colored with natural dyes. It's the ideal canvas for playing with various colors because the base is primarily off-white or beige.

Our boss ladies can try these mulmul cotton sarees, which are exceptionally absorbent of sweat and dust and dry quickly after washing.

The Drapery's Current Condition

This exquisite saree is found all year long at SootiSyahi. They come in several pricing ranges and are also extremely reasonable. Designers globally are clamoring to work with this mulmul cotton fabric because they are readily available and take less time to make. 

But do you know that the style and drapes of these fabrics have a strong Indian influence?

The mulmul cotton sarees are available at our e-store to make you stand out in the crowd. In fact, these lovely mulmul cotton sarees are popular among women of all age groups and backgrounds. 

Summing Up!

This lightweight fabric, which was once very popular, can be purchased almost anywhere. But just you not hassle you much you can click here and dive into the wide range of mulmul cotton sarees. These cotton sarees are super soft, fuss-free, and easy-going. These mulmul cotton sarees are designed to elevate the happiness that everyone feels when purchasing new sarees.

So, who are you waiting for?

Get your hands on these lovely mulmul cotton sarees and other lovely and authentic hand block print chanderi silk sarees from SootiSyahi NOW!!!

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