₹2,792INR ₹3,490INR
Crafted with Love
Artisans Made
100% Cotton

My Story

"Mystic qualities proposed over fiber of art;
Fluency of the precious dye keeps it inexplicable,
Suspenseful trait in yearning for the curious,
Obscurity through the clues is the final crux"

What she feels

Celebrating simplicity and rhythm in every stripe, the borders and undertows of a royal color palette convey this classic design’s relevance. An ode to her purity and coherence embarks within this saree.

This Chanderi silk is crafted with Bagru handblock printing. Bagru a small town near Jaipur internationally known for its craft called Bagru Block Printing. Yet, it’s hard to find words that can encompass the beauty of this craft. Chhipa the printer community who never stops working, starting with ridding the fabric of starch and other impurities with the help of soap water & When it is sufficiently dry, primed in a mixture of cool water and harda, a natural occurring tannic acid, reds for the dyes are made from fitkari, madder root, and babul gond. The blacks are made with syahi(fermented rust from burnt horseshoe, jaggery, and water). The vibrant blues, perhaps, take the longest, made from wells called Naand, leaving the indigo to ferment for months. As the man moves around his printing workshop, he can spot coriander sprigs, pomegranate rinds, and rose petals. 


It’s a Handprinted Chaneri Silk Saree which is a Silk by Cotton fabric. It's a 5.5 mtr saree drape with exclusive 80 cm blouse piece to go with. Recommended separate wash in cold water with mild detergent only or dry-clean & there could be minor chances of color bleeding as it's a sign of the genuineness of hand prints.

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