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Article: Are you Looking for Silk Sarees?

Are you Looking for Silk Sarees? - SootiSyahi

Are you Looking for Silk Sarees?

We know how much women adore silk sarees. But do you even adore the maintenance of these sarees? I'm sure you would never love to see your favourite Chanderi silk saree in bad shape or condition. That is why today I'll provide you with some fantastic advice on keeping your silk sarees in good shape. 

Well, silk sarees are the first choice of any woman (at least that's what I believe because personally, I do) when it comes to selecting a saree. But, when it comes to saree maintenance, this beautiful clothing requires the most attention (because upkeep is crucial for a long-lasting relationship with the clothing). 

With proper care, your batik print chanderi silk saree will enhance your personality and appearance, plus it will bring back the shine of the clothing, aka the silk saree. Looking good, on the other hand, necessitates work. So, here I will provide you with some maintenance tips for your silk saree.

High Maintenance with the Basic Tips for Your Silk Sarees

Give it a Sun Exposure, aka the Sunlight

Like we humans need essential vitamins from the sun, our clothing needs it too!

Every six months, take your silk sarees out and put them in the sun (let them enjoy the heat and sun rays, it'll help them shine and rise just like the sun itself). Keeping them in the sun will keep your silk sarees away from fungal attacks and an unpleasant odour. This will also aid in the preservation of the saree's colour and sheen.

Tips on Cleaning and Washing the Silk Saree

We all engage in activities that leave stains on our beautiful sarees, whether oil or another liquid substance. Avoid washing silk sarees frequently because this can harm the fabric. Sarees should only be dry cleaned. But, if you wish to wash your new sarees, first soak them in saltwater to help the colour last longer (forget your silk saree's rise and shine grace). 

Pro Tip: Silk sarees and zari embroidered sarees should always be dry cleaned.

Tips on Storing Your Silk Saree

I'm sure this question had crossed many women's minds, and many of them must have been unsure. Well, for starters, keep your silk saree in a cool, dry location. Then, separately pack/store the sarees in a piece of soft cotton fabric or bag. Wrap your silk sarees in butter paper or fabric to keep them fresh. Never store your sarees in plastic for an extended time. When it comes from the dry cleaners, remember to take them off.

Ironing Pro Tips 

When ironing silk sarees, you need to take special precautions. Unlike regular ironing, it is highly recommended to keep a cloth over the saree (to keep it safe from direct heat). Keep the iron at a very low temperature (set your iron machine manually). Too much heat can harm the saree's delicate fabric and needlework. Steaming your pricey sarees is recommended because it reduces the amount of damage to the saree.

Pro Tip for Stainless Silk Sarees

Oil is the most common stain on our sarees. However, stubborn stains like butter, vegetable oil, or even lipstick can be removed by sprinkling talc or talcum powder on the stain and gently brushing it away. Make sure to deliver your silk saree to your nearest dry cleaner ASAP!.

Pro Tip for Wrinkle Free Silk Saree

Keep your silk sarees untied to avoid tangles in the embroidered threads. Fold your Maheshwari silk sarees in the opposite form to prevent snags or tears. To avoid stretching or tearing the cloth hang your silk sarees on a hanger. But the best technique to keep your silk sarees in the best condition is to wear them frequently rather than store them for an extended period.

Here are Some Additional Silk Saree Care Tips:

  • With any type of discoloration, seek dry cleaning as soon as possible.
  • Use mild detergents to wash your silk sarees and avoid using toxic bleaches.
  • Wear them frequently, and don't let them sit in your closet for too long.
  • Always keep your sarees flat and avoid bundling them.
  • Never put mothballs, naphthalene balls, or rodent repellents in your saree's folds.

Summing Up!

These were some of the silk sarees care suggestions. We hope that by following these guidelines, you will be able to make your sarees sparkle brightly whenever you wear them.

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