₹2,241INR ₹2,490INR
Crafted with Love
Artisans Made
100% Cotton

My Story 

What is not cyclical? fashion, civilization, circumstances, and even you? The merciless wheel of time turns, but is it truly linear? Is human experience anything more than a constant repertoire of memory and imagination?

What she feels

She can't reinvent wheel but she can surely spin it. Spins it to her memory lanes of good times and letting her imagination free. 

This slub cotton saree is crafted with Dabu Handblock Indigo printing. This process starts with soaking indigo plant to extract the beautiful vibrant dye. Hand-carved wooden blocks are used for applying a mud resist known to the fabric. Once the fabric has been dyed, the areas with the mud application, continue to remain white and the rest of the fabric takes on the dynamic hues of lapis lazuli, cerulean midnight, all originating from the indigo plant.

Most people experience fading or bleeding of the indigo fabric, which is primarily because indigo will not actually form a chemical bond with the fabric into which it is dyed. It ends up becoming insoluble again when put into water. By reacting with air, it tends to get accumulated in the tiny spaces within the fiber. 


It’s a Handprinted Slub Cotton Saree which is a comfortable cotton fabric resembling textures of linen fabric. It’s a 5.5 mtr saree drape with exclusive 80 cm blouse piece

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