₹3,141INR ₹3,490INR
Crafted with Love
Artisans Made
100% Cotton

My Story

“Keeping comfort in mind and exuberance at heart;
Weaving the healing form of regenerative art,
Aiding like Florence to the naked eye,
Forged with the essence of rejuvenation and youth”

What she feels

Roseate and florid hues against a mellow blue, an artist's impression of progress and prosperity. This bespoke saree marks the budding of something new conveying vitality, a sign of her courage.

This Chanderi silk is crafted with hand marble printing. Fabric marbling is the art of floating paints on top of a thick solution called size, manipulating the paints into patterns, then transferring the pattern to an object by gently placing the object on top of the solution. Marbling lets you make your one-of-a-kind fabric item.


It’s a Handprinted Chaneri Silk Saree which is a Silk by Cotton fabric. It's a 5.5 mtr saree drape with exclusive 80 cm blouse piece to go with. Recommended separate wash in cold water with mild detergent only or dry-clean & there could be minor chances of color bleeding as it's a sign of the genuineness of hand prints.

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